Hi there!
I’m Vladislav Bogdanov.
I’ve created a lot of high load capacity products for web, iOS, Android and desktop apps

Hi there!
I’m Vladislav Bogdanov.
I’ve created a lot of high load capacity products for web, iOS, Android and desktop apps

My expertise is in highly loaded complex products, services and platforms.

  • I research, interview, analyze, form and validate hypotheses, design, test, iterate, send to development and monitor implementation.
  • For the last six years I have been working with large companies and startups, both on large projects and at the MVP stage.
  • Solving user and business problems, methodical approach and aesthetics are the principles I adhere to.

If you have a complex task or project — message me on Telegram or via email.



Cian is a service for fast and safe search of real estate throughout Russia with monthly audience of 19+ million users. The service has a web version and applications.

My area of responsibility is the commercial real estate (b2b/b2c and all platforms). I work in my team on the growth of metrics, achieving quarterly and annual goals. We do this successfully.

More details can be discussed in person.

Smart City Alarm System • for an NDA client

I designed and developed a Smart City system for tracking and responding to incidents and emergencies in a city of 15 million people.

The system was designed to minimize response time and assistance from emergency services. How it works: The AI monitors camera violations, 911 hotline and other call centers (16 data sources in total), and operators process them and the system automatically assigns tasks to responders. The system prioritizes non-critical situations, and the critical ones are handled in person by protocols.

The system has over 50 roles with different set of rights for the user. For each role I developed a user path using JTBD methodology. I also created a user guide based on this concept.

Conducted tests with the users, such as measuring the speed of solving a given task using JTBD. After several iterations, we achieved the desired result. The main task was to make this highly loaded interface clear, user friendly and easy to use.

Worked in a team with three product managers, development team and a product owner. Developed using the scrum methodology, moved in two-week sprints, and within a year the beta version was launched.

During the year of working on this project I upgraded my skill of user interviewing and communication with the development team.

More details can be discussed in person.

Gas metering and balancing system for the main gas market company

System for maintaining metering and adjusting gas supplies in a region with a population of 5+ million people. Developed the design and designed the user experience in a small amount of time. This is the first iteration after research and user interviews.

More details can be discussed in person.

Desktop Native Apps for Designers & Architects for • PIK

PIK is one of the largest developers and construction companies in Europe. Every week dozens of PIK designers and architects spend hundreds of hours on routine work that could be automated. Simplex-Noise came to PIK with this idea. Three months later the proof-of-concept was ready and the team invited me to develop the user experience and design.

RD2 (the name of the project) is a desktop native application (macOS + Windows) powered by Unreal Engine 4 which automates the processes of building facades design, from uploading the blueprint to placing windows, balconies, air conditioning, etc. on that building and their configuration.

I got to know the team of designers and architects at PIK, spent days with them, studying their work, conducting interviews and forming hypotheses. Based on insights from the interviews and familiar patterns for professionals in this field, we teamed up with the product manager to develop a user flow and usable ux.

The team consisted of three Unreal Engine 4 developers, a product manager, a product owner and myself as the sole product designer. All this time we were working on scrum, moving in two-week sprints, tasks led in Asana, all design in Figma. We worked closely together, I figured out the basics and limitations of the UE4 engine and 10 months later we delivered a product that got great feedback. We were able to reduce building development time from blueprint to last AC by 70% (!), from 49 minutes to 14 minutes. Watch video to see how it works (design in video isn’t final version) link to video

The project was something new to me, I had never developed a desktop application before and it really pumped me up as a professional. During this year of working on the project I learned the basics and the limitations of UE4, pumped up my soft skills and the ability to conduct interviews with a large number of users.

CAFAP • for an NDA client

CAFAP is a system for recording an offense and generating fines. The cameras record the offense, the operator confirms or denies it, the system generates a fine and sends it to the offender.

My goal was to redesign the system and improve the user experience. More details can be discussed in person.

MVP iOS App • for The Locals

The Locals is a new generation real estate agency. I was invited to work on a new feature, a concierge for landlords. If a landlord has one or more apartments, he can give the management of these apartments to a concierge, an employee of the company, for a monthly fee. All interaction with the tenant takes place without the landlord’s involvement, if that is what the landlord wants.

Landlords have been interviewed and several of them have already paid for this functionality, but they were handled manually, not automated. I teamed up with a CEO and a product manager to develop a prototype of this functionality with 10+ user scenarios from 150+ screens.

Metaplot • for Simplex-Noise

Metaplot is an automated platform for creating land development concepts.

The platform allows you to get maximum detail for the project at an early stage — from the volume of buildings to floor plans and apartments. There is also a functionality to generate a variety of options and search for the most beneficial scenario for the developer, taking into account the specification of the environment, city planning regulations and the internal requirements of the developer.

My task was to make an understandable and user-friendly interface for MVP. I interviewed potential users and assembled a prototype based on the insights. Then I tested it on users, made adjustments and submitted it to development. The idea was confirmed and the platform began to be sold to developers.

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